Try This Before You Reach for Medication if You’re Experiencing Headaches!

Dr. Jason Kucma, DC | 03/12/2019 | 4 min. Read

Here’s the bottom line on headaches:

If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone.  It is estimated that 50% people suffer with headaches each year.  

Now, a mild headache, maybe a couple times a year could be considered normal and a nuisance.  

But, if they become chronic or frequently intense, you can experience challenges at work or at home and can often lead to depression.  While it may be common to suffer with headaches, it is not normal.

The good news is, it may be easier than you think to get relief from the headache pain.

Why Medications Aren’t Recommended for Headaches

Medications, especially opioids, are not the usual recommendation for headache relief.  

These drugs are the ones that should be avoided because of their addictive characteristics and ironically they can have headaches as a side effect. That doesn’t mean that you have to just tough out the pain.

Here are a few evidence based treatments that you can do naturally:

1. Drink Water Regularly

Dehydration is a common cause of tension and migraine headaches. Drinking a tall glass of water has been shown to start relieving symptoms within 30 minutes!  I know it seems too easy but just do it.

2. Get Adequate Rest

Researchers have found a strong correlation between lack of sleep and an uptick in the frequency and severity of headaches.  That means 7-9 hours per night. More if you are talking about those of us under 18.

3. Get Adjusted by a Chiropractor

Muscle spasms in your neck and shoulders are a major contributing factor to tension headaches. Chiropractic adjustments can help decrease this tension.

Common Causes of Headaches

Today, slouching over the phone, tablets and computers can put a ton of strain, tension and stress on the supporting muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back.  As time goes along this can lead to an increase in tension headaches.

So How Can We Help?

The good news is that our practice has helped many people who have suffered with headaches. They are so amazed when they can begin to go through life not relying on pills and suffering with pain.

Oftentimes. we see decreased muscle tension, increased range of motion, and improvement in posture and avoiding the dreaded humpback posture. It’s what we do everyday.

If you or someone you know is looking for a natural pain relief alternative to help get rid of their headaches, share this research with them and give us a call!


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