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We offer top quality chiropractic treatments and services for long-term pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery.

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Our Services

Chiropractor Services in Knightdale NC

Chiropractic care is more than just getting adjustments. Our facility is designed to provide you with all the necessary components in chiropractic care to ensure you receive a full recovery without the needs for drugs.


Specific chiropractic adjustments are what differentiates chiropractors from all other specialties in health care.

Spinal Decompression

Designed to relieve pressure from the discs in your spine while providing support to re-establish better posture and reduce muscle tension.

Motion X-Ray Analysis

Used to determine the cause of you problem(s) and rule out pathology to allow our chiropractors to appropriately treat your symptoms.

Therapeutic Exercise

These are designed to specifically stretch, strengthen, and re-coordinate areas of the body that have been effected.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This treatment is designed to stop the pain cycle in your muscles to provide relief while acting as a non-drug pain reliever.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Utilizing our industry leading Class IV Laser Therapy, we’re able to treat many conditions that eliminate the need for surgery.

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Camelot Chiropractic Centre has been providing family wellness and custom tailored chiropractic care to the Knightdale, NC community for over 15 years. Whether you need a non-medicinal solution for your pain or wish to maintain a healthy body, our team is always here to help!






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