Not All Joints Are Created The Same

Dr. Lisa Kucma, DC | 02/11/2019 | 3 min. Read

Some joints make you hungry!

Sunday morning breakfast after a late Saturday night?

Best burger and fries OR pancakes and sausage?

Sorry, not the joints I was talking about, but now my stomach is growling too.

Less flavorful but so much more important … those elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles. I know boring stuff maybe. But maybe interesting enough to think what is causing that continued pain from your high school football glory days. Or did you challenge your 16 year old to play 6 rounds of horse in the driveway three weeks ago.

Why won’t that pain just go away?

You have rested, iced, done all the things my medical doctor told you to do, but there you are achy and now getting irritable, short-tempered and snippy with the kids and your partner.

All the joints outside the spine are fed by the spine and the spinal nerves. This is so important I’m going to write it again…All the joints outside the spine are fed by the spine.

Every nerve bundle exits a level in the spine, like a branch leaves the trunk of the tree. And along the way it feeds every other little branch (shoulder), leaf (elbow) and bark (skin) along the way. This nerve bundle will keep reaching and shooting off branches until it reaches your fingertips and toes. All of these start from the spine.

The nerves at the C5 level run to the shoulder and the deltoid. The next level below that runs all the way from the neck to your thumb. The lower levels of the neck extend to the little finger, wrapping around that funny bone at your elbow.

Not so funny when that little finger tingles when you bump that elbow now is it? If that finger keeps tingling, is it because the problem is in your finger? Or is it higher at the elbow? Or did it start at the neck and is screaming along the way until it gets to the end at your little finger?

Welcome to “Radiculopathy with paresthesia.”

Joint pain deserves special attention to find the root cause of the pain so you can receive proper treatment and care.

The last time I checked, our hands and feet are not replaceable. Nor do I think any of us enjoy having an unnecessary shots or surgery. Consider chiropractic care as an alternative that would evaluate things head-to-toe and get to the root cause of your pain once and for all.

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